Welcome to the official website of Jaded Pictures. A film production company based in Toronto. Akin to our namesake, our content is inherently world-weary. But conversely, we're extremely passionate about creating an emotional impact on audiences by shedding light in dark places with our stories.

We have three completed major projects under our belt.

The first is our largest project to date, MILLIONS, the story of a group of twenty-somethings who set out on an ambitious but dangerous journey to become millionaires before they turn thirty. The project was screened at festivals internationally as both a feature film and digital series. It won for Best Director at the 2013 Marseille Web Fest, was the Closing Night film at the 2013 Vancouver Asian Film Festival, and was selected for the Independent Pilot Competition at the 2013 New York TV Festival. It is currently represented by Summer Hill Entertainment.

Our second project is BOY, a short drama about a neglected 13-year-old boy struggling to care for his 6-year-old brother in a decrepit seaside town that is steeped in fear and corruption. The Boy dreams of escape for himself and his brother and goes to the greatest of lengths to make that happen, catching the eye of the town's godfather.

Our most recent project is LOVEBITES, a drama/horror short about the deterioration of a lesbian couple's relationship, set in a zombie apocalypse. The film unfolds in a reversed time line, paralleling the couple's need to hold on to their past with one another in order to keep their present relationship alive. When the two must confront the future of their relationship, they're forced to confront a flesh-eating zombie at the same time.

Both BOY and LOVEBITES are currently embarking on a 2015 festival run, so stay on the look out for it.

You can view the trailers for all of the above projects on our Projects page.

For information on any future projects, as well as the progress of our current ones, please check back here!

All the best,