MA // Short Film - Drama

Written and Directed by Andrew C
Story and Produced by Kelly Wong
Cinematographer, Rodrigo Vergara Cereceda

Starring: Wan Hing Wong as Ma and Kelly Wong as Herself

An empty-nesting Chinese mother tries to connect with her daughter in the only way she knows how.

SLEEPWALK // Short Film - Drama


Written and Directed by Andrew C
Producers, Jessica Matten and Brendt Thomas Diabo
Cinematographer, Rodrigo Vergara Cereceda

Starring: Jessica Matten as Alicia and Brendt Thomas Diabo as Bernard

After a string of cryptic sleepwalking spells, Alicia inadvertently reveals a harrowing truth about her past, that forces her husband, Bernard, to reevaluate their failing marriage.

MARIE // Short Film - Fantasy, Drama


Written, Directed, and Produced by Melanie Chung
Producer, Kelly Wong
Cinematographer, Conor Fisher
Choreography, Tina Fushell

Starring: Amanda Pye

Marie is an abandoned marionette doll brought to life by a magical apple given to her by a gentle plush sheep to pursue her one true love, only to discover that not every kind hand is a friend.

MILLIONS // Feature Film, Digital Series - Drama

Created, Written, Directed, and Produced by Andrew C
Executive Producer, Melanie Chung
Producer, Ben Brillantes
Co-Producer and Cinematographer, Christian Peterson

Starring: Hubert Tran as Brandon, Andrew "Pyro" Chung as Deron, Jasmine Chen as Mary, Stephan Kim as Charlie, Ben Brillantes as Jay, Tanya Mok as Lia, Lee "Lethal" Pham as Eddie, Eric Regimbald as Ozzy, and Ins Choi as Ron

A tragedy shakes the lives of an aimless group of Asian North American twenty-somethings, spurning them to embark on an ambitious journey to become millionaires before they turn thirty. But relentlessly chasing the almighty dollar never comes without its costs, as they take on their first venture, which proves more dangerous than they ever could have imagined.

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BOY // Short Film - Drama, Crime


Written, Directed, and Produced by Melanie Chung
Producer, Stephanie McKenzie
Cinematographer, Conor Fisher

Starring: Jackson Martin as Boy, Andre Guantanamo as Kelly, E.M. White as Darabont, and Joseph Faria as Ren

Boy lives in a decrepit seaside town firmly in the clutches of the corrupt town headmaster Darabont. After his father mysteriously died, and his mother had fallen into an alcoholic depression, Boy has been left to fend for himself and his 6 year-old brother at any means necessary.

LOVEBITES // Short Film - Drama, Horror

Written, Directed, and Produced by Andrew C
Producer, Christopher Nguyen
Producer and Cinematographer, Christian Peterson
Producer, Ben Brillantes
Associate Producer, Kelly Law

Starring: Caroline Palmer as Carolyn, Vicki Kim as Maddy, and Eric Regimbald as the Zombie

In a bleak zombie-plagued future, Carolyn fights to survive day to day with her lover, Maddy. But Maddy has a hard time letting go of the past, while Carolyn only lives for today, because it's the only thing left she can count on. The story unfolds in a reversed time line, paralleling the couple's need to hold on to their past with one another in order to keep their present relationship alive. When the two must confront the future of their relationship, they're forced to confront a malicious flesh-eating zombie at the same time.

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